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Please join me at Lando Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta on Friday April 17th for the opening exhibition.

Opening from 5 to 9pm. Artist's talk from 7 to 8pm.

I will be in attendance on Saturday as well from 2 to 4pm in conjunction with Edmonton's Spring Gallery Walk 2015.

Charcoal/manila   16" by 20"

watercolor,conte/canson paper  11"by15"




watercolor, conte/ canson paper   11" by 15"





graphite, acrylic/newsprint  18" by 24"

charcoal/manila/manila ground  12" by 18"

I have refined and darkened the image (from the previous post) and will probably leave it as an oil sketch. The painting is oil, conte and oil stick on birchwood  20" by 30"

This is a work in progress...oil,conte and oil stick on birchwood